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BJJ & Poker synergy
  Stim_Abuser, Aug 18 2014

So I've gone back to training again after a long break and I've been playing lots of live poker over the last two years as well. I seem to have a problem thought with playing poker after training. It's like my adrenaline is way up and I don't think as clearly, play often on instinct, and am much more reckless with my play.

I know there are several guys on here who also do both, was wonder if anyone had the same issues and hoping maybe they had come up with some solutions. Other than the standard get a nice post work out meal in and kick back for an hour or two before playing. Even when I do both of these I still run into the same issues.

Any help and or ideas would be much appreciated.


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in vegas this weekend
  Stim_Abuser, Apr 27 2013

Gonna be in vegas this weekend. Any lpers in vegas that are up for some savegry let me know.

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Improving your game as a live player?
  Stim_Abuser, Apr 21 2012

So like many, since black Friday I've been dabbling a lot live.

Been doing pretty well, but I feel as my game is very stagnant and maybe regressing due to lack of number hands put in, the fact I'm playing with nothing but awful players most of the time, lack of easily and accurate ways to review sessions.

I guess I could put money on merge and grind there, but I'm not sure how I feel about having money on there with all the bad press coming out recently. Not to mention my last stint on there was some awful run bad.

So what kind of things are people who now play live doing to improve their game these days?

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